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Jokasafe Tough Stain Eraser Washing Glove

Colour: black
Size: one size
Lenght: 25 cm

Highly effective and durable, a new type of washing glove for demanding cleaning areas. The unique granulated coating removes stubborn dirt very effectively. You use your own hands: you can also wash cramped and difficult places. Waterproof and durable: rinse, dry and reuse.

A double-layer vinyl + granulated vinyl coating. 100 % cotton lining.

Wheels for cars and motorcycles
Fenders, arches and exhaust pipes
Boat bottoms and other coated parts

Jokasafe Tough Stain Eraser washing glove is primarily intended for removing heavy dirt and for washing areas that are difficult to reach with other washing aids. The glove is not recommended for general washing, as the result of the abrasion effect can be the combined effect of the granulated surface of the washing glove and the loose dirt damage painted or varnished surfaces.

Watch the video on how to use the glove when cleaning car wheels: Jokasafe Tough Stain Eraser washing glove