Jokasafe tehdaskuvia 2021 11

Jokasafe Karo Pekka VilleJokasafe is a Finnish family company that has more than half a century's manufacturing experience of high-quality work safety products.

All products have been designed for demanding professional use in close co-operation with our customers to achieve the best grip for your work.


Our product brands are JokaSafe gloves and mittens and TopGrip non-slip surface.


We want to make your everyday life and work safer throughout the world. We appreciate our customers, our own and our customers' employees and our common global environment.

Environment and CSR

We want the future to be safer, so we always think the long-term effects of our decisions regarding the quality of our products, our customers and our employees.

In our production, we are using high quality European PVC material and 100% cotton.

Our customers value specially that our products combine protection from chemicals, chemical mixtures and mechanical abrasion, as well as protect from extreme conditions.


Certifications and Award

JokaSafe 60years

We have work continuously to improve our procedures. We want to develop our work method and cooperation with the customers.

All JokaSafe products have the CE mark and products have passed the European Union EN standards test methods. Testing’s have done by Finnish Institute of Occupational Health. Products belong to the class 3 protection (protection from mortal risks).

The Association for Finnish Work has awarded to JokaSafe right to use Key Flag symbol. This mark recognizes that the product has been manufactured in Finland, creating Finnish jobs. Each JokaSafe product has a right for Key Flag. Made in Finland.

The company's management system has been audited and certified by an independent certification body in accordance with the following standards:

Being certified in accordance with a recognized standard means that we have a process of continual improvement for working practices throughout the entire organization.