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Jokasafe JokaArctic SnowStop Cold Protection Vinyl Safety Glove

Colour: Black, comes with grey fur lining and a tightening sleeve
Size: 9-10
Length: 25 cm

A flexible and durable JokaArctic SnowStop cold protection vinyl safety glove is designed for work with oils and chemicals. The product has a removable, artificial fur lining and a sleeve with which you can keep the snow away from your hands! 

A durable, double Vinyl 360° cover stays flexible in freezing -50°C. Smooth TopGrip® surface keeps your grip in dry, moist and even in oily circumstances.

Compliance according to EN and EN ISO standards
  • EN 420:2003 + A1:2009
  • EN 388:2016
  • EN 511:2006
  • EN ISO 374-1:2016 Type A
  • EN ISO 374-5:2016
Class Cat III
  • Abrasion Resistance & Grip
  • Chemical Protection
  • Cold Protection
  • Agriculture & Forestry
  • Freetime Activities
Different types of gloves Vinyl TopGrip 360˚ Smooth