Jokasafe is the first vinyl glove manufacturer to introduce a new collection based on sustainable BIOVYN™ vinyl. As a part of its sustainability strategy, Jokasafe has added to its selection Jokasafe® bio-attributed vinyl gloves with BIOVYN™ vinyl made from 100 % renewable raw material.


Awareness and concern about the environmental impact of plastics have increased significantly in recent years. The environmental problems associated with plastics should be eliminated and plastics should be completely replaced by alternative materials. But plastics play an important role that we are often not even aware of. In order to provide safe and reliable safety gloves, plastic or, in this case, vinyl becomes an important material. Vinyl is not absorbed or dissolved in anything. Jokasafe gloves can be safely immersed in chemicals, oils and other mixtures without fear of hazardous substances being absorbed through the glove into the skin. Vinyl is durable and can be reused many times, depending on the application. However, Jokasafe wants to fight against climate change and as part of its sustainability strategy, it has added to its selection Jokasafe® bio-attributed gloves made from the next generation BIOVYN™ vinyl.

What is bio-attributed vinyl?

The main raw material for bio-attributed vinyl products comes from Finnish pineforests. Developed by INOVYN, Europe´s leading vinyl producer, BIOVYN ™ vinyl raw material is 100 % renewable and made from wood or, more precisely, it is a wood-based by-product of the UPM´s forestry industry. This by-product is used to produce bioethylene as a raw material for vinyl. Renewable BIOVYN ™ raw material reduces the carbon footprint by up to 74% compared to regular fossil fuel-based raw materials. Bio-attributed products have the same features as conventional fossil fuel vinyl products, so they are still very durable and offer excellent protection against chemicals and mechanical abrasion, as well as against extreme weather conditions.

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