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Brewery industry
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Steel and metals
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Colour: The color of the glove is black and sleeve is either yellow, black or grey, depending on the thickness
Size: 7-11
Length: 25 cm + 25 cm sleeve

JokaHold glove with a fixed 35 cm sleeve. The material of the sleeve is made of PVC coated nylon or polyester fabric of different density to effectively protect from splashes of water and dirt. Test results apply to the glove only, not to the additional sleeve.

Product Sheet: JokaHold+35

JokaSafe standardit fi rouhea

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JokaSafe Brochure (PDF)

Product Size Chart (English, PDF)

JokaSafe pictogram


Glove type: Glove

Surface: TopGrip Granulated

Agriculture: Handling of pesticides, Handling of fertilizers, Agricultural works, Agricultural maintenance, Handling of animals, Outdoor works

Fishing: Winter fishing, Net fishing, Fishing vessels, Sport fishing

Steel and metals: Sandblasting, Washing, Sorting, Heat treatment

Oil and gas industry: Maintenance

Cold and winter: Snow making (Snowguns / Ski resorts)

Cleaning and washing: Window Cleaning, Car wash

Sandblasting: Sandblasting